In the old language means collaboration. TAAWUN 3.0 is a state-of-the-art online course sharing software platform dedicated to empowering universities and state systems the ability to share online course seats.

Taawun 3.0: Online Course Exchange SaaS

Product Benefits:

  • expand degree programs
  • increase retention
  • phase out programs
  • offer summer courses
  • redirect lower enrolled sections
  • manage faculty load
  • access new enrollments
  • increase revenues
  • share resource
  • centralize governance
  • safeguard against course redundancy
  • align multiple SIS systems
  • connect campuses with a single portal for registration, grades, and billing

TAAWUN 3.0 software platform can integrate into multiple SIS and financial systems allowing universities to create an inter-campus or inter-state online course exchange/consortium.

As founders of the sharing economy in higher education, Higher Learning Partners of Regis University created the first generation of the TAAWUN software platform in 2005 that has now served 300 universities nationwide and raised tens of millions of new revenues.

Our software can be fully customized as a SaaS product to serve your needs, either as a new solution to create a new online course exchange or to replace a legacy software platform.

Multiple License Fee Models Available. Contact Us Today For a Demo And Pricing.

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